Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: (Note fees are based on times of Departures and Arrivals that were provided by you at the time of the booking)

+24 hoursfull refund given
12 hours$10.00 fee charged
6 Hours$25.00 fee charged

Service Policy

At Manly Express, our dedicated team strives to provide you the most reliable, timely and cost effective means of transportation to and from Sydney Airport. There are times and situations outside of our control that challenge that goal. Traffic delays, adverse weather conditions, flight and customs delays and passenger related delays are some of the reasons outside of our control that could cause a timing problem with travel to and from the airport. Whilst we will endeavour to get you to your destination at the required time, we do not accept responsibility for situations outside of our control. We will provide advice about travel times to and from the Airport, however these are estimates only.

It is your responsibility to advise us of any known flight delays. We will endeavour to make the necessary adjustments to our schedules to assist you however if this occurs we cannot guarantee the timing of the rescheduled travel. We will try to either place you on our next bus or try to place you with another shuttle service but we cannot guarantee it. If we are not informed of your flight delays and are unable to fulfil your travel, a refund will NOT be issued.

It is your responsibility to be ready to be picked up 5-10minutes prior to the agreed pick up time. If you are not ready when the driver arrives, we cannot guarantee travel to your destination and a refund will NOT be issued.

Privacy Policy

It is important to note that Manly Express will not divulge any personal information you provide except to persons directly involved in your travel or where we have been requested by the law or have been given your permission in writing.

Manly Express use the services of Paypal to administer its online booking transactions. Using Paypal should give you comfort in the knowledge that your online transactions and personal information is secure as best as possible. Please refer directly to Paypal for their transaction guarantees.